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Cocaine EffectsEffects of Cocaine

Cocaine Effects can include a feeling that is the same as a high level of production, a overall euphoric feeling.

Cocaine Negative effects is especially difficult to overcome, because once an individual has taken this drug it will circulate throughout the bloodstream and leave a metabolite (residue) in our fat tissue, and bone marrow. This residue can cause serious side effects like cravings, anxiety, and depression. It takes the human body 5 years to remove all of this residue from the fat tissue and Bone Marrow. Also the Cocaine will interfere with the dopamine (chemical produced in the brain for Mental Stability) and serotonin (chemical produced in the brain for pleasure) levels. This causes the addict serious depression some days while other days everything is good. Statistically cocaine addiction recovery is anywhere from 3% to as high as 76% depending on the cocaine addiction treatment chosen.

Cocaine Treatment

Cocaine treatment methods that are available include the 2 week detox 21 or 28 day 12 step model where the person goes into detox then a group therapy rehab to try to resolve the issue.. This however is only the same end result as if you detox on your own (3%). The success rate in the long term however is always higher if the person does detox off the cocaine completely and then goes into a long term cocaine treatment center.

Cocaine addiction treatment center - there are many to choose from and they range from 2 weeks to 2 years in length. The 2 weeks being a 12 step inpatient or outpatient model. This treatment can be available in 30 to 90 day lengths as well. The success rate of this style unfortunately is only 3% to 18%.

Cocaine Detox Treatment Center - A unique method of treating cocaine addiction is to address the biophysical addiction first, then the mental addiction. This method includes a sauna detox that removes all remaining metabolites (residues) from the body to stop cravings. Phase two of the treatment involves a cognitive life skills therapy. Life skills to allow the person to live a drug free productive life.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment referral information is available by submitting a from or calling the toll free help line 1-877-801-5475.

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